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    What types of classes and how old is the student?

    We're happy to be celebrating our 65th year & excited to continue dancing even with the challenge of the current health crisis. The studio has been reconfigured to allow for appropriate physical distance & we've implemented some new practices to keep everyone safe & healthy.

    We know that your lives have been disrupted & new academic school schedules are a challenge for everyone so we're seeking your help in establishing a new Dance Class schedule.

    Let us know what type of dance & what day/time works best for you. Classes will be offered Monday through Saturday pending adequate enrollment.

    Please fill out the registration form by selecting a class (or classes) AND be as specific as possible about day/time preferences.
    Combo Level 1 - ages 3&4 (tap, ballet & jazz)
    Combo Level 2 - ages 4&5 (tap, ballet, jazz)
    Combo Level 3 - ages 5to7 (tap, ballet, jazz)
    Combo Level 4 - ages 6to8 (tap, ballet, jazz)
    Beginner Ballet, Beginner Jazz, Beginner Irish or Beginner Modern- age 6 & up
    Intermediate Ballet, Intermediate Jazz, Intermediate Irish or Intermediate Tap - age 8 & up
    Advanced Ballet, Advanced Jazz, Advanced Irish or Advanced Tap - age 10 & up
    Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary (formerly Lyrical), Intermediate/Advanced Modern - age 8 & up
    Athletic Dance Workout - ages 12 & up